Bird T-Shirt

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This is another sample of a T-shirt we recently pressed for a client of ours. I like the idea of the image on the bottom part of the shirt instead of the middle.
If you would like this design, we would be happy to make it for you. We can also cut it out with our regular vinyl for walls and other projects.

Maternity Shirt Made for Baby Shower

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This was a shirt designed for a first time Mommy.  She wore it at her baby shower.  So cute!  If you bring in your own shirt, we can create the design and press it for you too.

Recent T-Shirt Party

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How much fun!  We had a group come over to make their own shirts.  We cut out the vinyl and professionally pressed them.  It was fun to see each shirt come together.  I thought they turned out very cute.  If you are interested in creating t-shirts for you, your family, friends, church group, you name it let me know.  We can either press them ourselves or we can get you involved in the process if you would like.  It’s up to you.  Let us know what you would like and we will see what we can do.

Valentine Be Mine Blocks

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Be Mine Blocks - So Cute!

Be Mine Blocks!